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Radial miter saw with 1800W laser, 210mm disc

Radial miter saw with 1800W laser, 210mm disc

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1800 W radial miter saw from the CONSTRUCTOR brand, perfect for cutting wood, panels and profiles, thanks to the double axis it allows you to reach cutting lengths of up to 310 mm.

Equipped with a 210 mm diameter blade (24 teeth) and a maximum cutting length of 31 cm, it is capable of reaching a maximum cutting depth of 6 cm.

Its laser guide that illuminates the line allows you to make sharp and precise cuts.

This miter saw allows you to cut at an angle of up to 45 ° to the left or right (double inclination).

It comes with a second 24 tooth blade of 210mm diameter.

As with all CONTRUCTOR articles, great attention is paid to protection systems, to ensure your safety as much as possible while carrying out your projects at home or at work. All items are certified by European certified bodies and guarantee compliance with the most recent regulations on the subject.


- Power: 1800W
- Blade diameter: 210 mm
- Speed: 4900 rpm
- Maximum cutting depth 60 mm
- Maximum cutting length: 310 mm
- Equipped with a laser
- With 2 extensions and a press
- Double radial axis, allows longer cuts up to 310 mm
- Double right / left inclination
- Laser for a clean and precise cut
- Supplied with a second 210mm (24 tooth) blade

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