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SPEEDBOX BIG 1325 TT Three-phase/three-phase wall inverter 25 AMP

SPEEDBOX BIG 1325 TT Three-phase/three-phase wall inverter 25 AMP

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Wall driver with LCD display, for the control of a three-phase 400 V (TT) pump managed by a frequency converter (INVERTER). The electrical power supply of the appliance is three-phase at 400 V (TT). SPEEDBOX can be mounted individually to control a single electric pump or in groups of 2 electric pumps, operating in Master-Slave mode with alternating starting order. The 0-10 BAR pressure transducer is included (on request the transducer can be 0-16 BAR). The SPEEDBOX has an air cooling system and an optional EMC filter for residential class.


  • Frequency converter for the management of an electric pump.
  • ART function (Automatic Reset Test): when the pump is deactivated by the dry-running protection system, ART makes, with programmed intervals, attempts to start the pump to restore the pressure in the circuit every 30 minutes for 24 hours.
  • Automatic reset system after accidental interruption of the power supply. The system starts up maintaining the configuration parameters.
  • Potential free switched contact to monitor alarms originating from system irregularities or problems with display indication. Use with single-phase input.
  • Minimum level control via external float.
  • STC (Smart Temperature Control) function: when the board temperature exceeds 85° C, the rotation frequency of the electric pump automatically decreases, decreasing the temperature but maintaining the supply of water.
  • Control panel with multifunction LCD display, LED indication and buttons
  • Current intensity sensor with digital instant readout.
  • Pressure transducer 0-10 bar (0-16 bar on request) with 4-20 mA input.
  • Operations log. Possibility of displaying: working hours, number of starts, number of connections to the electricity grid
  • Alarm log. Display of the number and type of alarm generated by the device.
  • Possibility of intervention on the PID.
  • Aluminum heat exchanger and forced convection heat dissipation.


  • Control and protection system of the electropump against overintensity
  • Protection system against dry operation of the electric pump due to lack of water
  • Abnormal supply voltage
  • Short-circuit between system output phases


The Control panel includes an LCD screen, alarm led, buttons, START-STOP, AUTOMATIC and configuration system.

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