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SYNCHRO board AVR BL4 115V/230V

SYNCHRO board AVR BL4 115V/230V

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SINCRO AVR BL4 is an Automatic Voltage Regulator, a device capable of stabilizing the output voltage of a generator set to power electronic equipment.

The operation of the SINCRO AVR BL4 is by phase-controlled half-wave thyristors and is part of the alternator excitation system.

In addition to alternator voltage regulation, the SYNCHRO AVR BL4 circuit includes underspeed
protection features. The excitation power comes directly from the alternator terminals.

The accumulation of residual positive voltage is ensured by the use of efficient semiconductors in the power supply circuit of the SINCRO AVR BL4.
SYNCHRO AVR BL4 is connected with the main stator windings and exciter field windings to provide circuit control of the output voltage.

In addition to being powered by the main stator, the SINCRO AVR BL4 also derives a standard voltage from the output windings for voltage control. In response to this standard voltage, SINCRO AVR BL4 controls the power supply to the exciter field, and therefore to the main field, to keep the machine output within the specified limits, compensating for the load, speed, temperature and alternator power supply.

A frequency measurement circuit continuously monitors the alternator output and provides output underspeed protection by reducing the output voltage in proportion to speed below a presettable threshold. A manual adjustment is provided for the factory setting of the underfrequency threshold, (UF). This can easily be changed to 50 or 60Hz with two switches.

Connection of a remote voltage potentiometer is provided, which allows the user to control the output of the alternator.

Furthermore, SINCRO AVR BL4 is equipped with a fuse which is used to limit the input power current in order to protect the alternator.


Depth: 75.5mm
Height: 45.6mm
Width: 125.5mm
Weight: 0.5kg
Usage voltage: 115V / 230V
Frequency of used: 50Hz / 60Hz

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