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Chainsaw 305mm 20V MAX (without battery and charger)

Chainsaw 305mm 20V MAX (without battery and charger)

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XPTR20LI - 20V X PERFORMER rechargeable chainsaw (without battery and charger)

This 20V rechargeable chainsaw will allow you to carry out your pruning jobs and cut your firewood effortlessly. Easily adapts to your needs. It offers you great freedom of movement without the noise, exhaust fumes and starting difficulties of a combustion engine.
For optimal safety, the chainsaw is equipped with a chain brake which stops the rotation of the chain in the event of a kickback.
It has a tool-free chain tensioning system and an automatic lubrication system to make it easier to use.

In the absence of an electric wire, you can work in complete freedom.

Delivered without battery and charger

You buy your 2 Ah (XPBAT2A) or 4 Ah (XPBAT4A) batteries and your quick charger (XPCHAR1 or XPCHAR2) separately when you buy your first machine, then depending on your wishes or needs, you can buy a second machine without having to invest in a new battery or charger, which represents a significant saving.

Characteristics :

- Power supply: 20V
- Guide length: 30.5cm
- Cutting length: 20cm
- Chain speed: 1.5 M/sec
- Chain tension without tools
- Automatic chain lubrication
- Warranty: 3 years

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