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Motor pump 33.000 L/H 212CC

Motor pump 33.000 L/H 212CC

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The MPG33HP7 water pump offers excellent value for money. Powerful and easy to use, it is ideal for watering green areas, emptying a swimming pool or in the event of a flood. Its 212CC 4-stroke engine develops a power of 7 HP. It is powered by 95 unleaded petrol and can be used without any source of electricity. Provides a maximum water flow of 33,000 liters per hour. Its power allows it to suck up to a depth of 7 meters and to push water up to a maximum height of 30 meters.

The MPG33HP7 pump is very robust therefore we offer a 3 year guarantee. Its 3.6-litre tank gives it great autonomy of use.


- Power: 212cc / 7 HP
- 4-stroke engine
- No load speed: 3840 rpm
- Maximum flow rate: 33000 liters per hour
- Maximum head: 30 metres
- Maximum suction height: 7 meters
- Execution: cast aluminium
- Intake diameter: 2''
- Exhaust diameter: 2''
- Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L
- Fuel: 95 unleaded petrol
- Oil tank capacity: 0.6L
- Boot mode: tear off
- Weight: 22kg
- Warranty: 3 years

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