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Multistage electric pump with variable speed inverter

Multistage electric pump with variable speed inverter

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Integrated pressurization system consisting of a multistage electric pump and inverter. Ideal solution for domestic pressurization of a single or two-family house, as well as for applications in irrigation systems.

Plug & Play system, simple to configure inverter for the management of the variable speed electric pump.

Reductions in consumption and always constant pressure. Protection against dry running and automatic reset, protection against overcurrent, abnormal supply voltages and short circuit between system output phases. Possibility to view the log of operations and alarms.


  • Flow rates up to 90 l/min (5.4 m³/h )
  • Heads up to 68 metres
  • Rotation speed 2850 rpm
  • Continuous duty S1
  • Maximum suction height: 9 meters


  • Drinking water supply
  • Pressurization systems
  • Domestic pressurization increase
  • Domestic and civil uses in general


  • Protections against over intensity, abnormal supply voltages and short circuit
  • Frequency modulation
  • ART Automatic Reset Test in case of water shortage
  • Log alarms and operations
  • Two-digit display for configuration and pressure reading e. consumption
  • Integrated pressure transducer
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