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Electronic booster set with horizontal multistage electric pumps at fixed speed

Electronic booster set with horizontal multistage electric pumps at fixed speed

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The SW-DUO pressurization unit consists of two electric pumps and two communicating SWITCHMATIC 2 devices capable of managing the operation of the unit in a pressure-static manner, thus indicating a starting pressure and a stop pressure. .

This innovative system is a real control panel, but also a protection panel for the system and the electric pumps, protecting them from overcurrents. It also boasts two other fundamental protections: dry running with consequent activation of the ART system (which attempts to restart the pump left without water every 30 minutes over 24 hours) and protection against loss of pre-charge in the tank.

The two SWITCHMATICs autonomously manage the switching on and off of the electric pumps, the simultaneous operation and the alternating restarts.


  • Flow rates up to 180 l/min (10.8 m³/h )
  • Heads up to 68 metres
  • Rotation speed 2850 rpm
  • Continuous duty S1


  • Drinking water supply
  • Pressurization systems
  • Domestic pressurization increase
  • Domestic and civil uses in general


  • n.2 horizontal multistage electric pumps
  • n.2 SWITCHMATIC 2 electronic devices
  • Base in painted sheet metal
  • Threaded intake and delivery manifolds in galvanized steel
  • Ball valves with union (suction-delivery of each pump)
  • Arrangement for the use of membrane tanks in delivery
  • Suction: ball and non-return valve
  • Delivery: ball valve


  • Pressure mode for group management via power relay
  • Pressure transducer inside the DRIVER and intensity sensor with instantaneous digital reading.
  • Maximum starting pressure in pressostatic mode: 6.5 BAR
  • Maximum stop pressure in pressostatic mode: 7 BAR
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