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EPR 3 hp electronic pressure switch with adjustable maximum working pressure

EPR 3 hp electronic pressure switch with adjustable maximum working pressure

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EPR is a compact device intended for the control and protection of electric pumps up to 3 hp. Its patented system, through the use of sensors for detecting the flow rate and pressure connected to an electronic card, controls the start and stop of the electric pump, guaranteeing its optimal functioning and protecting it against a possible lack of water in suction.

EPR completely replaces the traditional autoclave system, drastically reducing overall dimensions and eliminating all periodic maintenance operations. EPR automatically starts the electric pump and keeps it running until the user requests water from the system. The electric pump stops when the withdrawal stops and in any case not before 10 seconds from the start-up phase.

But the biggest novelty is the presence of an outlet PRESSURE REDUCER which therefore allows us to adjust the maximum operating pressure of the pump, and thus guaranteeing maximum comfort with a constant pressure in the system.

– Pump managed by power relay.
– Accumulation membrane and integrated non-return valve.
– Dry run protection.
– Mechanical pressure gauge (bar and psi).
– Internal flow sensor.
– Overcurrent protection
– Standby mode.
– ART function (Automatic Reset Test). If the device has been shut down due to the action of the dry run safety system, the ART will attempt to engage the pump, with a scheduled periodicity because the water supply could have been restored.
– APR Anti-blocking period routine

– Electronic control and safety system against dry running.
– Control and safety system against short circuit.
– Overcurrent protection adaptable to each pump.

Power 16A - 3hp
voltage 1~110-230V 50/60Hz (multi voltage)
Restart pressure From 1.0 to 5.0 BAR
Outlet pressure From 2.0 to 6.0 BAR
Max pressure 10 BARS
In/out connections 1”G
Temperature 0-50°C
Degree of protection IP65
Net weight 2kg

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