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Stainless steel self-priming jet pump

Stainless steel self-priming jet pump

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“JET” type self-priming monobloc electric pumps with built-in ejector unit. This series of electric pumps allows water to be sucked up to a depth of 9 meters even in the presence of air. HYDRAJEX guarantees an excellent hydraulic performance, a remarkable suction and pressure capacity, as well as a good silence. It is always recommended to use with chemically and mechanically clean liquids, and in any case with temperatures never higher than +60°C.


  • Flow rates up to 50 l/min (3.0 m³/h )
  • Heads up to 42 metres
  • Rotation speed 2850 rpm
  • Continuous duty S1
  • Maximum suction height: 9 meters


  • Drinking water supply
  • Domestic pressurization increase
  • Small/medium garden irrigation
  • Emptying of tanks and pools
  • Movement of clean water in general also on industrial machinery


  • Monobloc pump with horizontal axis
  • Pump body in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Shaft in AISI 416 stainless steel
  • Mechanical seal in ceramic/graphite
  • Impeller in brass
  • Venturi tube in Noryl with 20% glass fiber


  • Closed type electric motor with external ventilation,
  • Degree of protection IP X4
  • Insulation class F
  • Single-phase motors at 220-230 V – 50 Hz; integrated motor protector to avoid damage in case of overheating
  • Maximum temperature: ambient 40° – liquid 60°
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