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COMPACT PLUS Electronic pressure flow switch 3 hp

COMPACT PLUS Electronic pressure flow switch 3 hp

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COMPACT PLUS is a compact device for the automatic control and protection of electric pumps up to 3hp, its patented system includes a special electronic flow and pressure sensor, integrated into the electronic circuit that guides the operation of the electric pump and maintains the pressure and the flow accordingly. It also has a safety system to avoid dry running.

COMPACT PLUS replaces the hydrosphere system, pressure switch, check valve and level switches, with the advantage of reduced dimensions and the elimination of periodic maintenance. The unit automatically starts the electric pump when any point of use is open and stops it - after a programmed time of 10 seconds - when the point of consumption closes.

– No maintenance.
– Save time in installation.
– Protection against water hammer.
– Compact and small dimensions.
– Removal of protective devices (level switches).
– Avoid oversizing the pumps by fully exploiting their flow-pressure curve.
– Integrated protection system that stops the pump in case of dry running.
- Control Panel:
– Yellow POWER LED.
– Green LED on.
– FAULT red LED.
– Touch button for manual start.
– Electronic circuit assembly with easily replaceable protective cover.
– Small reserve against losses in the system.
– Other options such as pressure gauge, connection cables, adjustable starting pressure.
– EMC and electrical safety certified.
– ART (Automatic Reset Test) function. If the device has been stopped due to intervention of the safety system against dry running, the ART attempts to activate the pump, with a programmed periodicity because the water supply may have been restored.


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