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4M 4" rewindable submersible motors in oil bath

4M 4" rewindable submersible motors in oil bath

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Series of 4” rewindable submersible motors in oil bath of Italian production. They stand out for their high starting torque, mechanical compactness, reliability and above-average performance. On request, motors completely in AISI 316 are available, with VITON seal and motor cable in Santoprene.


  • Outer jacket, shaft, bottom case in stainless steel
  • High resistance nickel-plated cast iron upper support with stainless steel cover
  • Thrust and radial ball bearings
  • Standard mechanical seal Graphite/Ceramic
  • Refrigerant with superior lubricating qualities that allow longer life to moving parts and better engine response in case of overloads
  • Compensating diaphragm and sand trap labyrinth suitably sized
  • Class F motor insulation
  • IP58 protection
  • Removable power connector cable
  • Shaft extension and coupling dimensions to NEMA standards
  • Easily removable and rewindable


  • Maximum Line Voltage Fluctuation from Rated Voltage: ±10%
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 35°C with minimum cooling flow speed equal to 0.08 m/sec
  • Maximum number of starts now allowed: 30
  • Axial Thrust: 1500N from 0.5 to 3.0 hp 2500N from 4.0 hp
  • 5000N from 5.5 to 7.5hp 4400N from 10hp
  • On request versions from 3.0 hp to 7.5 hp at 2500N
  • Maximum diving depth: 150m
  • Horizontal operation: allowed up to 7.5 hp
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