Pressoflussostati con riduttore di pressione integrato

Pressure flow switches with integrated pressure reducer

One of the great COELBO® innovations, the new series of pressure flow switches with integrated pressure reducer. But let's take one step at a time, let's see how a presscontrol works, and what changes with this innovation from the Spanish company.

How does a presscontrol work?

The classic pressure flow switch (or presscontrol) works by activating the electric pump when the pressure in the system drops following a request for water.

We therefore have a pressure x in the system, the moment we open a tap this pressure starts to drop to a minimum value that activates the pump.

The first presscontrols had a fixed restart pressure, then the first mechanical systems appeared, which thanks to the intervention on a screw allow us to adjust the starting pressure.

But what happens once the pump turns on?

With the classic presscontrols, once the pump is activated it will work at the maximum pressure it is capable of developing. This means that if the pump is not well sized we could have excessive pressure in the system, with all the problems that this can cause.

When does presscontrol turn off?

The switching off of the presscontrol is linked to the lack of flow, therefore when the water request is closed, a valve inside the device closes which determines the switching off of the pump itself.

What is new about the pressure reducer?

In the new COELBO® devices, the presence of a pressure reducer allows us to set the maximum operating pressure of a pump, thus preventing it from working at its maximum. We will therefore have a constant operating pressure correctly regulated according to the needs of the pump. 'plant.

Let's take an example...

Let's imagine installing a HYDRALIT® HYDRAMG150-6 multistage electric pump, which is a pump that develops good flow rates at excellent pressures, reaching almost 8 BAR, for a domestic application, for a house and connected to an irrigation system.

If we were to install a classic presscontrol we would find ourselves with excessive pressure compared to the needs of the system.

By installing a DPR instead, we could adjust the maximum operating pressure, for example to 4 BAR, in addition to also regulating the start pressure. We can therefore determine a correct operating range depending on the need.

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